Sunday, April 08, 2007

When California Goes Too Far

I picked up this flyer at Rainbow Grocery two weeks ago. Can you believe this shit?

This is the text, verbatim, of the flyer:

Are the Dolphins calling You?

We are gathering a Bay Area 'Pod' to receive a remarkable gift. . .

the gift of Dolphin Consciousness

Get your flippers wet!

Attend Weekend #1

The Frequency of JOY!

April 27-29 * Fairfax, CA

Dolphin HEALING HEARTS. . .A Gateway to the New Paradigm

  • Study with these Masters of Consciousness & Joy

  • Receive the extraordinary Dolphin Attunements

  • Heal your heart & return to wholeness, joy, your true nature

  • Learn the Art of Dolphin Energy Healing

  • Create Unity-Community with a loving and supportive pod

  • And much more...

"Thanks and so much gratitude to you both for your courage to bring this incredible gift you offer to the world. I have been changed so deeply...!"

"Attunement #1 has been amazing for me. I feel I have access to part of my brain that I have not used before..."

April 27-29 (Fri. night, Sat. & Sun. days) ~ Circle Center, 17 Bolinas Rd., Fairfax, CA 94930

Tuition: $333 ~~~ Early registration by April 6: $300

For more information or to register, contact:

[contact information here, omitted just in case the guy googles his own name and finds my blog and I hurt his feelings]

* * *

I've had this flyer on my fridge for weeks, just to frighten my students. Fairfax, where you are invited to get your flippers wet, is in Marin county, north of the Golden Gate bridge. It's so bizarre. I was lying in the park there with my old boyfriend and I heard *TWO* different people talking about their daily meditations for the week. They do have a bitchin' organic ice cream shop with flavors like lavendar honey.

And the most bizarre thing happened to me there. I went into a bookstore and there was a man watering the plants on the high shelves with a pesticide squirter thing. I said, "good idea" and he said "thank you." When I gave him the money for my book, I looked at his face and I was taken by him. I immediately loved him, like I had known him for years. I felt like I was looking at my boyfriend. But my real then-boyfriend was waiting for me outside, so I looked down and ran away like I was Joseph and the man was Potipher's wife.

I may be jaded about dolphins, but at least I'm an honest woman.

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Christopher said...

Fairfax. Of course.