Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things Change

Things might look retarded here for awhile; be patient. I use semicolons; you will not be disappointed.

Smoking Crack

If you like reading my blog, then I'm sorry for not updating it for forever. I somehow, through some miraculous gift from god, managed to finish writing all my papers without nicotine or crack. Since then I've been gloating, prostituting myself out to any odd job possible, and laying out in the sun in a bikini that I bought when weighed 15 pounds less. (I go to the uncrowded beach with all the flies).

I hate it when people don't update their blogs, and I also hate it when web pages look old and retarded. That is what is wrong with this blog, and I'm either going to fix it or stop writing in it. I haven't decided yet. For my birthday my Mom gave me That was six months ago.

This is my dilemmna: I want to write what I want to write, and not worry about who reads it. I don't want to go into a list of every debauchery I committed the first time I smoked crack, but I would like to be able to say "I smoked crack" trusting that the people reading this blog know me well enough to know that there is no fucking possible way in hell that I have actually ever smoked crack. And I just wish that I didn't have to say that so, well, explicitly.

The thing is that I don't really know who is reading this blog, and I truly don't want to offend anyone. I suppose that I could say that if anyone is offended he or she doesn't have to read it, but the thing is that several of my family's friends know about this blog through my brother's blog. At my Dad's funeral, while I was shaking hands and saying "thank you" and behaving like a lady who would have made my Dad proud, several people told me that they read my blog. I was embarassed. I don't think I am too overly personal, but I do use profanity and admit to not flossing and occasionally smoking crack. (If you still think I actually smoke crack, please read more closely.) I think it's rad that my Dad's friends and that my family takes an interest in me, but I hate to think that I am offending anyone, especially since so many of these lovely people are Mormon.

The other thing is that my students could potentially google my name and find me here.

I have to be able to write what I want to write; I don't believe in censoring anything truly creative, and this is more a creative endeavor than a public journal or a place to tell people about my life.

I guess the future of this blog is undetermined. It may continue, but it will probably be different from how it has been.