Thursday, September 25, 2008

One Handed Questionnaire

So sometimes I cook myself a nice dinner and then I sit down at the table. I wish I were the kind of person who could just taste each delicious mouthful she has cooked and ponder how to describe the taste of shallots, but the truth is that I only do that kind of shit when I can talk about it with other people. Eating each bite mindfully when I'm alone makes me feel like an anorexic on death row. I want to ENJOY my meal, not deliberate on every morsel. So, as a compromise, I often read about food while I eat. Those crazy Italians say "The man who eats alone dies alone." I like to think that I'm just having a one-sided conversation with M.F.K. Fisher or A.J. Liebling or the authors of the The Joy of Cooking.

It doesn't make any damn sense to read about Parmesan Black Pepper muffins while you're eating fried rice, but I do it all the time. Problem is that I end up sitting there a few hours later still reading about creamed cauliflower or currants, and my should-be leftovers are congealing on the stove.

So that's what I did tonight, with my Thursday-is-the-new-Saturday grad student schedule. This time though I sat at the computer, and a few glasses of wine and a few extra scoops of fried rice later, I found this website: Eat Drink One Woman She has different folks fill out a food-related questionnaire each week. Reading them in succession helps distract you from your pretty unsuccessful fried rice.

I thought it would be fun to answer the questionnaire myself. I heartily encourage you doing the same in the comments. Maybe you could do it one-handedly while you are eating? If y'all all do, I'll make a new post just for them!

Name: Susanna Williams

Occupation: Grad student/ English tutor

Borough: In CA we call them neighborhoods, and mine is actually a small town called Moss Beach.

Relationship status: That has nothing whatsoever to do with food and is none of your damn business.

What did you eat today?

Half carrot/half orange juice on campus
Frozen banana, vanilla soy milk, almond butter smoothie
Veggie-melt sandwich from the local pizzeria I have never eaten at
Half a chocolate bar when I woke up from my nap (I had a bit of a hangover)
Fried rice I made at home

What do you never eat?

Restaurant Chinese food, mustard, relish, chicken breast, chicken nuggets, milk, chocolate and mint together

Complete this sentence: In my refrigerator, you can always find:

vanilla soy milk, carrots, celery, butter, frozen bananas (for smoothies), Hellman's mayonaise (y'all call it "Best Foods" in the west)

What is your favorite kitchen item?

My square wooden spoon. It's a spoon and spatula. And has notches in it from when it was once used as a drum stick.

Where do you eat out most frequently?

The food on campus at SF State is surprisingly healthy, cheap, and delicious. I eat the falafel plate on campus a lot or get a weird healthy burrito (I'm a sucker for bourgeois burritos).

I also eat burritos at the taqueria in Half Moon Bay that doubles as a fried chicken joint. It's SO HANDS DOWN the best taqueria on the coast. And I will fight you if you disagree.

And I guess I eat out in Big Sur a lot at the bakery for breakfast.

World ends tomorrow. What would you like for your last meal?

It depends on who is with me. If it's my love, then I would eat sexy food that makes me close my eyes and chew. Blue cheese, lamb, fatty raw tuna, artichokes, chocolate truffles from Recchiuti (it's in the Ferry building). If it's my family, then squash casserole, grandma's green beans she grew in her garden and canned, mama's mac and cheese casserole and chicken n' dumplins, my pecan pie, sweet tea, and Aunt Sherry's peach ice cream. There should be a bread, but I swear that nobody in my family (including me) can make a decent bread, be it cornbread, biscuits, or pie crust. I'd probably be happiest with canned biscuits (and apple butter). If I were alone, it's be Strauss whole milk yogurt and some maple syrup, a nectarine, a salad with kidney beans and garbanzo beans, pumpkin seeds and slivered almond, radishes and grated carrot and celery with sweet miso dressing. And a tuna salad sandwich with a lot of tarragon and mayo. And I'd bring back the artichoke and dip it in Hellman's with white wine and gigantic black olives that taste like soil.

Oh PLEASE tell me yours! PLEASE.


Ile de France said...


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Megan and Vinny said...

name: megan disanza

occupation: homemaker

borough: um, sun city, california

relationship status: married

what did you eat today: i haven't eaten yet because it's 5:22 am and i can't sleep in today. i'll be going garage saleing later so i'll probably get my usual saturday doughnut and then get a fantastic bean and rice burrito with lots of guacamole for lunch.

what do you never eat: sushi. it scares me. it just does.

in my fridge you can always find: diet soda, ketchup, salsa, bottled water, and cheese. i also always have tons of ice in the freezer because i eat ice like it's going out of style.

favorite kitchen item: a ceramic platter that is decorated with pictures of branches, peaches, and birds. it's the last gift my grandfather gave me before he passed away. it is a treasure.

where do you eat out most frequently: sorry to say, anywhere that has pizza. i'm a sucker for a good pizza.

world ends tomorrow. last meal: probably my dad's slow cooked ribs, my mom's mac and cheese, a giant delicious salad with dried cranberries, and my dad's homemade lemonade. no one makes it like he does. and of course, creme brulee and flourless chocolate cake for dessert. yum!!!

thanks susie. this was fun.

love you!

Anonymous said...

name: Dia Linn
occupation: own a business, artist, want to be a photojournalist
borough: my area in Georgia is northwest of Atlanta on Lake Allatoona
what did I eat today: Honey Nut Cheerios, Zaxby's chicken, french fries, cold slaw, homemade spaghetti, orange juice, a coca cola, ice cream and milk, 3 glasses of water.
what do you never eat: sushi, turnips, collard greens, really good salads unless I am eating out or with Susanna, lamb, venison, moose, elk, rabbit squirrel, opposum, snake, frogs, beetles, grubs, dog, horse, cat, doves, alligator, shark, and Thai food.
in my fridge you can always find: milk, whole wheat bread, juices, cheeses, dates, apples, pickles, cold water, jars of three year old salad dressing, 5 year old horse radish for Mac to eat, boxes of raisins and bags of figs??, catsup and mayonaise that I will never, ever use, mustard relics, mushy cucumbers and a big box of soda.
favorite kitchen item: I love my silverware..the knives are collection of collanders and my pink Kitchen Aide ice cream scoop, my "box of salt" and toaster oven.
where to you eat out most frequently: I am addicted to hot Zaxby's chicken.
worlds ends tomorrow: a large,hot Ribeye steak cooked medium (juicy and bloody for once), covered in grilled,sweet Vidalia onions and Portabello mushrooms, greens beans from my mother's garden cooked with bacon grease, a very large baked potato(salt crusted) smothered with butter, cheddar cheese and salt, my mother's deep dish blackberry cobbler (hot), a basket of homemade rolls that my mother made one time for a Christmas dinner, and pitchers and pitchers of sweet iced tea(lots of ice).

Lotus said...

name: lotus seeley

occupation: wmst/soci phD student

location: ann arbor, mi, right behind the trader joe's

relationship status: common law marriage where i do all the cooking and he does all the dishes

what did you eat today:

cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar, quasi-latte from my new espresso pot
3 mini cream horns, store brand fruit punch vitaminwater, and a sample of chips and guac from whole foods
will soon be eating lots of chinese delivery: homestyle tofu and veggie, spring rolls, what at home they call crab rangoon and what here they refer to by the disgusting name "crab cheese"
i'm also pretty sure i'm gonna eat the piece of cake alexis gave me for my bday

what do you never eat:

sauage (except kilbasa), lunch meat, blueberries, raw onions and raw tomatoes, the fat from meat, blue cheese, chicken wings

in my fridge you can always find:

kraft cheese slices, canned tuna, a tub full of extra condiments from takeout/fastfood, eggs, butter and margarine, a hunk of parmesean cheese, ketchup

favorite kitchen item:

pastry cutter (aka the shortening comb according to addison), cause its a necessity for pie crust and biscuits

where do you eat out the most:

tios mexican in ypsi, applebees because jas's mom sends us the gift certificates she gets from her credit card rewards, cookies with frosting from the mrs fields in the union right next to my office, carnitas tacos from chipotle

last meal:

a golden bowl from the grit (no cheese or veggies - just the tofu and brown rice), southern style strawberry cake (the kind made with jello), asparagus with hollandais, a perfect (juicy and sweet) peach, sweet tea and pink champagne

chandra said...

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