Thursday, February 07, 2008

Human Behaviour

Today was gorgeous in Moss Beach. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays totally off so I drove down to Pescadero and thought a lot about what I wrote yesterday.

As I was driving, I listened to a very old tape I made of Bjork's Post. This is the only album of hers that I know. When we got cable, and therefore MTV, when I was a kid, I was absolutely mesmerized by her music video for the song "Human Behaviour."

I realized after I looked this up that the video was made in 1993, so I wasn't a kid; I was 13. But anyways, the thing that blew my mind above all were those little sequins under her eyes. I was like, "Wow! You can do that?"

So driving today and listening to Post made me remember that that just because you are very very good at something, or even the best at something, does not mean that what you produce is the best. Think about classically trained musicians who make solo albums. I would much rather listen to Iggy Pop, you know?

Just because I don't understand Kant on my first reading does not mean that I am a terrible person who has no redeeming social value.

I think I have been taking myself way too seriously.

The point of going to school is because I enjoy it, not because I want to be sculpted into some perfect academic who can hold her own in a theory class. I bet Bjork didn't or wouldn't understand Kant on her first reading either, and I think she's absolutely, imperfectly brilliant.

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Mac said...

Your classmates who claim to understand Kant on the first read, are full of shit. No one gets Kant on the first read. Hell Moby has a challenge on one of his album covers that no one can understand one of Kant's works (I forget which one).

I realized a few years back that it's okay not to be the superlative of something. The world needs lots of middling professors so that the star ones can feel superior.