Monday, December 17, 2007

They Say One Was a Sailor

So my brother posted on his blog today that Dan Fogelberg died. He was one year younger than my Dad. My brother posted the lyrics to his favorite Dan Fogelberg song, "Forefathers." Just click here real quick and check it out.

Um, why did this post make me cry? It's Dan Fogelberg.

It reminds me of my Mom listening to this song in her car late at night driving back from the grocery store when she was super into genealogy.

Forefathers belong in faded black and white pictures. They have big beards and nobody except old people knew them. I don't want my Dad to be a forefather. I just want him to still be my regular old father.

I remember thinking that that song was off because those of us who don't have children don't become forefathers. I was wrong, though, because I'm Marley and Jack's Aunt Susanna. And my spinster Aunt Madge, my grandmother's sister, whom I would consider believing in an afterlife for just so I could ask her if she ever had sex, is certainly one of my forefathers.

I doubt I will be a spinster though, and if I end up with someone who is neither selfish, lazy, nor sexist, I might even consider popping one or two out. Consider. I do have excellent, sexy genes.

Now that I'm part of the dead-parent club (we have patches), I hear that many people, especially those who don't believe in harps and bubblegum clouds, find comfort in feeling their parent's presence in themselves. "Though the generations wander, the lineage survives."

I am quoting "forefathers" to prove a point. I have become a monster.



Mac said...

Ummm, there's a patch. I didn't get that memo, and I need a patch to go with all the emotions that I'm wearing on my sleeve these days.

Is it a cool patch, or more like those KinderKare ones we stole that no one ever earned anyway?

Mac said...

Oh and by the way, they don't just pop out. Your vagina stretches to the width of a babies SHOULDERS!

Nothing like watching a doctor massage your wife's labia with his index finger dripping in Johnson's Baby Shampoo, SO THEY DON'T TEAR-----AS BADLY!

Laura said...

Becuase Dan said it best..."there's a light in the heart of a woman that only the truest of loves can release..."